Pricing & Programs

Kids Karate Program Pricing

$165/month and includes:

  • 4 group classes a week
  • 1 sparring class a week

Adult Self-defense Program Pricing

$165/month (new pricing effective November 1st) and includes:

  • 4 group classes a week
  • 1 sparring class a week





We love kids and the Kids Karate program is the heart and soul of our dojo.  There’s nothing like the smiles of the kids when they come through the door for class and the smiles when they ‘get’ that new skill or technique they’ve been practicing.  Seeing the pride and happiness on the parents' faces is pretty great too.  

We all talk about the importance of focus, discipline and respect as attributes that karate training helps to develop in kids and that’s all true, but at Boise Studio of Self Defense there’s more to it than that.  It’s about providing a safe and supportive environment where kids can take risks and fail...until they succeed.  And they will succeed!  They just have to keep trying and not quit.  Then when you add in special programs like S.P.A.R.T.A.N. (Students Practicing Advanced Responsibilities and Teaching Academy Ninjas) which we developed here at Boise Studio of Self Defense, we offer a complete development opportunity for most any student that wants to learn, grow, and develop into a more complete person.  


We offer 3 classes in our Kids Karate program:

Tiny Tigers (4-6 year olds)

Martial arts for little kids is something we specialize in.  We understand that Tiny Tigers have a hard time with the structure of a typical group class.  Our answer is to place those kids in their own karate program.  As they continue to develop physically, intellectually, and emotionally, they need a nurturing and structured environment that is unique to their age.  This allows them to gain competence in the basic skills and movements of karate and that’s what our Tiny Tigers class is all  about!  

Junior Dragons (7-10 year olds)

By the time they reach age 7 or so, the kids have the fine muscle skill, coordination and balance to physically master their basic skills.  They also have the intellectual skills to follow multi-faceted, increasingly complex commands and the emotional maturity to pay attention and focus. This age presents the greatest opportunity for them to develop their karate skills and knowledge. 


Ahhh...the teenage years!  As we all know teenagers are very smart - just ask them.  They are not necessarily wise but they are certainly intelligent.  They are also developing excellent athletic skills at this age.  Emotionally?  This is where it gets interesting.  As we all know and remember their priority is often about fitting in and exploring the various aspects of their lives.  Some good and some not so much.  This is where the self-esteem and confidence they developed through their karate training really pays off.  Our students, with the support of their parents and family, are more likely to make good and responsible choices.  

Announcing S.P.A.R.T.A.N.

Additionally, those teens that demonstrate the interest and maturity to handle additional responsibilities may be asked to join our S.P.A.R.T.A.N. program.  This program is designed to develop leadership abilities, communication expertise, along with advanced karate skills in the participants. 


This is where the rubber meets the road.  With an emphasis on practical street fighting techniques, weapons training and conditioning, this program will prepare you should you ever find yourself in the position of having to fight and defend yourself or others.  Don’t worry, it's a lot of fun too.  The system we use is called SAMI Combat.  Sensei Tyson is one of two instructors qualified to teach this system in the entire country and it is AWESOME!  The system combines elements of Krav Maga, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Kempo and others into a highly effective system of self-defense.  


Did you love watching Bruce Lee movies when you were younger?  Not to mention Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Chuck Norris...the list goes on and on!  Perhaps you’re an MMA fan and just want to experience what it’s like to be in the ring but in a very controlled environment.  Maybe you see your kids having so much fun and want to get in on the action.  Either way, through intensive private lessons combined with sparring classes and the adult self-defense classes, you will be on your way to a black belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate.  Check with us for costs and detailed information.