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11.29.2022's almost December and we are certainly in Holiday mode!

Quick Note:  An update on scheduling privates is being sent in a separate email

Belt test this Saturday!  

Sensei Tyson is making his list.  No, not naughty or nice, but rather, who is ready to test! 

Key points to remember:

  • Test begins promptly at 11
  • Please arrive early enough to prepare mentally and physically for the test  
  • Please wear your full gi and current belt
  • Please allow an hour for those testing for their yellow belts and 1.5-2 hours for the higher ranks
  • Get a good night's sleep 
  • Eat a good breakfast
  • Check with Sensei Tyson for approval to test

Belt testing Fees are as follows:

  • Yellow - $35
  • Orange - $35
  • Purple - $55 (eligible for black gi)
  • Blue or Blue w/ Green Stripe - $55
  • Green or Green with Brown Stripe - $75
  • Brown - $100

We will charge your card on file at the conclusion of the test for all students that pass.

Holiday Gift Guide!

What do you get the Ninja in your life for Christmas?  Here are some ideas:

A Dojo Gift Certificate/Coupon!  

We’ll give you something to put under the tree then come to the dojo to make your purchase.  Whether they need headgear, gloves, patches or something else - we’ve got you covered!  The best part is that your gift certificate entitles you to 20% off of your purchases as part of our end of the year Super Saver event!


We are all huge Star Wars fans.  When we discovered you could buy Lightsabers that went beyond toys and you could actually train with, we had to have them!  We purchased ours from Saber Masters and have been happy with the products and the process.  Please be aware, these are not ‘toys’ and are not priced as such.  They will set you back around $200.  You can get discounts for purchasing multiple sabers so you may want to connect with other students or purchase one for yourself!    

And while we don’t have any specific plans yet, you can bet we will have a Lightsaber Camp at some point in the future.  Especially if some students purchase them.

A block of 10-private lessons

Private lessons are expensive.  We charge $75 for a single private lessons.  However, we love to work with students who want extra training and want to invest in their development.  So we offer a block of 10 private lessons for $45 per lesson. ($450). While that is already a great discount, we will take another 20% off during our Super Saver event!  That's 10 private lessons for $360!!  (What are you waiting for?)

Dojo etiquette - Why no shoes on the mat?

There are 2 primary reasons: respect and cleanliness.  Karate, like many other martial arts, derives certain customs and values from the Japanese culture.  And while you may not have been to Japan, you see this custom practiced extensively in areas such as Hawaii.  Removing one’s shoes shows respect to the owner of the home you are entering.  

Cleanliness is the biggest reason we ask for no shoes on the mats.  Shoes can easily pick up and transport debris and even germs during their travels.  That being said, how come some of the instructors are wearing shoes?  It’s because we have dojo shoes.  These shoes are never worn outside.  They are kept in our gear bag or in the dojo.  They are also lightweight and have a gentle tread so they won’t damage our expensive mats.  

Christmas and New Years Schedule (subject to change)

  • Closed Dec 24th, 25 and 26th (Dec. 26 is the National Holiday since Christmas is on a Sunday)
  • Dec 26-31 - open for private lessons only.  No classes!
  • Closed Jan 1 & 2 (Jan 2 is the National Holiday since New Year’s Day is on a Sunday)
  • Jan 3rd - back to regular schedule

Lots of stuff is underway as the new team assumes ownership of Dragon Bushido!  (That's kind of scary, huh?)  What’s changed?  Here are 3 biggies...


We are now officially having the teens class on Mondays and Wednesdays.   The 6-7pm time slot Tuesdays and Thursdays are reserved for private lessons.  If you still want to come on Tuesday or Thursday you are welcome to come into the dojo and train, practice or help out!   We just won’t have a formal class.  Speaking of private lessons, have you scheduled your privates yet?  Talk with JD or one of the Sensei to book your private.  



We feel it's really in the best interest of our students to break up the pre-teens by age group.  Tiny Tiger classes will be focused on 4-6 year olds and Junior Dragons for 7-10 year olds.  The reality is the younger kids have distinctly different capabilities, attention spans and modes of learning compared to the older kids. We are blessed to have a child development expert on our staff, (Sensei Shelly) who confirms this is the best approach.   Our schedule lends itself to having 2 different classes for these kids so that’s what we are doing.  We have determined the best schedule is to have Tiny Tigers on Mondays and Wednesdays and Junior Dragons on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  What does this mean to you?  Honestly nothing.  Please continue to come to the classes that best fit your schedule.  Due to the fact that we have multiple instructors, we can accommodate the difference in ages as we have been for the past several months.  For new students, we are going to steer them into the class appropriate for their kids based on age.  Over time, and as your child’s schedule evolves, if you have an opportunity to attend the proper age designated class, please do so.  Otherwise, do what works for you - especially those of you that have siblings that would be in different classes.   



THESE CHANGES DO NOT APPLY TO EXISTING STUDENTS.  But starting November 1, we will increase tuition for all new students to $165/month for the Kids Karate program.  There are 2 primary reasons for the increase; first, having multiple instructors is expensive and we need to cover those costs, second, our lease increases by 20% on November 1st.  These 2 expenses really hit our bottom line.  We know the changes we have made to the dojo add significant value to our program and feel that the new price more accurately aligns with the value we are providing.  

At some point in the future, (we’re thinking April 1, 2023) we are planning on bringing all students up to the new tuition level, but for our existing students no changes until then.

There's lot's more we could talk about but that's enough for now!  Have a fun and safe Halloween!

The Dojo Staff

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