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Sensei Shelly

Sensei Shelly photo Sensei Shelly

Mrs. Casillas-Grady has trained in the martial arts for 18 years in the style of Shaolin Kempo. She currently holds the rank of Sandan - 3rd Degree Black Belt. She specializes in teaching kids ages three and above.

Sensei Shelly continues to evolve her training with the exotic weapons of Shaolin Kempo. She is presently training in American Kenpo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, is certified with Box N' Burn focus mitt training, and studied kickboxing.

Mrs. Casillas-Grady is passionate about enhancing children's Developmental Domains; physical, cognitive, language, and social-emotional. She continues to further her knowledge in Early Childhood Development by completing her Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education. She holds a certification of achievement as an Early Childhood Associate Teacher and Associate of Science in Early Childhood Studies.